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I view the role of designer as that of caretaker, the person with the ability to express compassion through the creation of devices that offer the user a feeling of being understood and a sense of empowerment through a tactile connection to his or her physical surroundings.

Technology need not be an evil, alienating development (as many cryptic devices may make us feel) but rather can act as a talisman of comfort through control. We are vulnerable, we humans, mere specks in a largely indifferent universe, and painfully aware (or in denial) of that fact. We are unable to control the natural environment, or the passage of time. We can’t predict how long life will be or which city will be destroyed by the next catastrophe. We are essentially unable to affect any truly important aspect of our existence, but by giving us some control (to turn on lights, phone friends in faraway places, or heat our spaces), design lets us feel superhuman. In an attempt to maintain our dignity, not to mention our sanity, we surround ourselves with devices that help us cope. Furthermore, it is the interface with the object – the control surface – and not the object itself, that is of immediate significance. These are the designed moments where things come to life, the point of intimacy between user and object, where fingertips caress bulges in surfaces, enclosures rest on laps and nestle into palms. The magic lies in the gesture used to engage certain object controls, and I seek to explore how these moments can be encouraged, enhanced and celebrated through design.


Carla Diana: design philosophy

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